Current Adventure



The Lake District

May - June 2018

In The Lakes

Six weeks spent in the Lake District, Northern England. Resting from our last adventure, walking up hills, swimming in lakes and teaching Angus to paddleboard or at least sit on it while we paddle. 


France, Spain, Portugal

March - May 2018

The Atlantic Coast

We missed Matilda while we where away in NZ. So we went off for some proper #vanlife! It was exactly that, showering once a week, a bit of surfing, some epic wild camping spots and Adam learning to fly a drone. Portugals atlantic coast is dramatic and we saw some pretty big storms, we slept next to cliffs and heard the waves all night then headed into the mountains of Spain for some quiet. With a week left we crossed into France, exhausted and ready for some time in one spot. So we decided to just drive back to the UK, 1200km's later and we were there. Sometimes when the motherland is calling you just have to go. 


New Zealand

January 2018

The Other side of the world

We sacked off January and headed off to New Zealand for a month. It has been on our list of destinations for a very long time and we where so glad we took the plunge and booked the flights. We spent the month in a rental van we named Bryce (after our best tiny house guy off of Living Big in a Tiny House!) New Zealnd was epic. Not much else we can say. Also their librarys have excellent free wifi for us Digital Nomads! 



September - December 2017

Back to Britain 

Back in Britain, we stayed in tiny house in Cornwall, ran a half marathon in Wales, ran/walked/hobbled a full marathon in Eastbourne and a week surfing in Morocco thrown in for good measure.  Then heading up to the motherland (Scotland) for Christmas. Quick crimbo dinner then our flight to New Zealand leaves on 28th . . .


NORWAY, Scandinavia 

July - August 2017

Expedition Norway

We wanted to get somewhere pretty wild, so drove from the UK, north. Way north. Through Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland then finally to Norway. Making our way from Kirkenes to the Lofoten Islands. We finished our trip there and headed back the UK but we'll be back to explore the rest of Norway and Scandinavia.