Getting Out Of ‘The Pit’

Recently I have been in a bit of a pit. Those days when you do none of the things that make you feel grounded and good. Diet, movement and mindfulness practices are important to me but they are always the first things to go. Without even realising it I am sleeping in late, eating rubbish and letting my standards lower to the point that I allow myself every little opportunity for empty pleasures.

‘Ah well I have let everything else go, why not go the whole way, grab the wine, I’m done.’

And so the spiral continues and I am deep in the pit wondering why I am feeling so down.

How to climb out of your pit

I am starting to develop a number of tools to utilise to climb out of the pit. The first one has to be easy, because when I am in the pit I am lazy. What better to do when you're feeling lazy than watch something. I have been known to find myself down the rabbit hole of youtube videos that add literally nothing to my life (‘Hairdresser Reacts To DIY Bleaching Disaster Videos’, I am looking at you.) So watching something quick that inspires me enough to shut my computer or put my phone down and jump to action seems to be a very effective method of catapulting me out of the old pit.

During this most recent time spent in ‘the pit’ this documentary series Transcendence has been that easy watch saviour. Each episode covers a different topic of health and wellbeing from food to feelings and beliefs. It is reminding us that we have tools to turn to, to get us back to feeling good. We have just finished episode two ‘Over Coming Fear and Stress’ and it was fascinating. Looking at how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical body, it makes me realise that I have a lot more power over my health than I often realise. Maybe it’s not all genes, maybe it’s my attitude.

I think we’ll finish the series and perhaps reflect on some key take aways but for now we wanted to share it. If you are going to binge watch … binge watch this!

You have to give your email address to watch this but it’s free to watch, until 11th July 2019 so get on it!


Do you have a go-to documentary or youtube channel that helps inspire you? Comment below or on instagram or facebook. We love to add to our tool kit!