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The Brief

Create a personal brand and website that represents Clara and her Mindfulness teaching as well as create a platform to build a community of people interested in mindfulness. The target audience are those looking for guidance through their hectic lives through Mindfulness practice as well as other teachers and practitioners. The brand should represent a modern, practical approach to the Mindfulness field staying clear of common visuals often associated. No woo-woo.

Brand Concept

Mindful Minimalism

Stripping everything back, here we explore an aesthetic that is all about simplicity, breathing space and creating a brand that adds no more than absolutely necessary to our already cluttered minds and lives. No distractions. The identity is made up of a Minimal logo with a personal touch and clean typography, which are coupled with bold photography of green cacti, succulents and plants, which echoes Mindfully’s ‘Lesson from a Cactus’ Theory.

Website Design

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