It all started with a pretty serious case of AdventureAche.



In order to combine a love of travel with our passion for design and photography we decided we needed to come up with an alternative plan for our life. One that goes against the grain. We needed to come up with our own theory. 

'By stripping back to our essential human needs to live comfortably and efficiently, we free up space in our minds and lives to pursue what we want. By doing what we want, we are inspired to create, innovate and work.'

 Watch a short talk Laura did about our plan below . . . 






1.  An urge to travel, experience new things.

2.  A feeling of fear or excitement in the pit of your stomach at the prospect of embracing uncertainty. 

3 . The act of scrolling through Instagram photos and longing to be in them.


‘This Instagram profile is giving me a serious case of adventureache.’
‘They are gripped by adventureache and firmly believe that the world is their oyster.’


Wanderlust, unsettled, itchy feet, restlessness


Stagnant, board, latency, discontentment, dead.





We document our travels on Instagram @yellowmatilda and we'd love to see what your adventures look like so be sure to tag #Adventureache.