Saxon Garden Maintenance 

Branding |Logo design



The Brief:

Create a logo to represent Saxon Garden Maintenance. A simple, bold design that strays from the normal style of branding usually associated with gardening services. Create an identity that highlights the conservation and holistic focus of Saxons and their unique ethos. 

The Concept:

Holistic Horticulture | Modern Wisdom

This concept embraces the ancient symbols found within Ayurvedic philosophy in a modern way, to create a strong identity that retains a unique sense of the holistic approach Saxon’s takes when tending to a garden. 

‘I cannot thank Yellow Matilda enough. From start to finish they have been both utterly professional yet perfectly approachable. After a very short meeting I could tell Laura was someone I needed to invest in, what I received in return is a very strong design and comprehensive logo file package to launch my business both online and on vehicles, promotional products and clothing. Laura found; in between the lines; something quite personal which has now, as a consequence, become a core value of the business and to top it all off she turned that essence into a logo, fantastic! The brand image is absolutely unique and fun and uplifting to look at, it makes me smile and I know my clients, whom are actively supporting my growth, will be thrilled!
Thank you Laura for all your hard work. You have quickly returned every email at every step and have executed this project with aplomb. Great job and thank you so much for the final logo file package, it's more than I ever wished for. I look forward to working with you in the future and wish you both all the success you deserve.’ - Sam Cox