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Nomadic Design Studio


An Introduction



Yellow Matilda is a VW California Beach Camper. A vehicle to travel the world in. Matilda is also a nomadic design studio. 

A Graphic Designer, a Photographer and a dog, living and working in a location independent way. Using the van as a method of travelling to new places, meeting new people and bringing good design and creative services to wherever we are; be that the busy street of Amsterdam or the remote villages of Northern Norway.

Yellow Matilda allows us to be remote and local all at the same time.



Yellow Matilda is a Nomadic Design Studio That creates unique print and Digital media.



We create print and digital content for small businesses, worthwhile causes, individuals and ourselves. Whether their looking to grow their business, make something beautiful or create some good in the world, our nomadic ethos allows us to travel all over the world while creating design and content that is inline with our values. Good for us, you and the earth. 

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